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The New Talent Game

Customized Integrated Keynote to Virtual Presentation and Full-Day Event

Presentation Overview:


Hybrid work, digital transformation, AI and rapid skill evolvement have reset our workforce assumptions and created a whole new game for talent. 
These changes coupled with rapid business model transformation have pushed talent to the top of the agendas of the c-suite with a recent Gartner survey of CEOs ranking talent management as the number one organizational competency needed to win in this constantly changing environment. Despite this emphasis, most companies report critical skill shortages and are unclear about how to address the challenge. 
​In this powerful presentation The New Talent Game, Scott Engler shares how leadership mindsets and practices need to change dramatically to win the new talent game. 

Keynote Presentation Outcomes:

  • Understand how Hybrid work impacts the talent marketplace and how leaders and HR need to adapt.

  • Hear how a more human workforce also drives positive business outcomes.

  • Learn how rapid skill evolution is changing the way we plan for, recruit, develop and engage our talent.

  • Gain insight into how AI will impact the workforce and how to create a long-term vision to guide AI’s emergence in the workforce.

  • Why it’s so important to turn your leaders into Talent Champions and how leaders are partnering with HR to win the war on talent.

Your leaders will leave with numerous step-by-step actions they can implement immediately to change they way they lead and engage talent and work with HR to create a competitive advantage. Scott Engler has spent 15 years studying growth, leadership and culture as principal of both the CFO and CHRO practices and has been rated by executives as the top performing speaker in both practices in terms of insight, speaking and actionability.  

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