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The Growth Imperative

Growth Leadership in the Age of Disruption

Customized Integrated Keynote to Virtual Presentation and Full-Day Event

Presentation Overview:


In the age of constant disruption, growth leadership at scale is a counter-intuitive skillset leaders need to master to avoid stalls and seize new momentum. The traditional mechanisms that allow for scale often, unwittingly sabotage long-term growth.  Years of research shows that very few companies will avoid growth stalls that, on average, cause eight years of stagnation if companies recover at all.*

In this powerful presentation The Growth Imperative, Scott Engler shares how leadership mindsets and practices need to change dramatically to drive growth.  Through 15 years of growth and leadership research, thousands of discussions and hundreds of interviews with top growth thought leaders, Scott shares insights, stories and actionable solutions while knitting together the why of growth stalls as well as the specific behaviors and approaches leaders need to adapt to avoid them. 

Keynote Presentation Outcomes:

  • Understand the fatal "Triad" of growth stalls and how they impact business, customer and culture. 

  • Learn the mindset shifts and talent practices that leaders need in order to adapt as a company scales to create an "innovation fly-wheel". 

  • Gain insight into your long-term growth engine that allows you grow in the short-term while positioning for the long-term. 

  • Discover the practices that help you cull your losers and let your winners run.  

Your leaders will leave with numerous step-by-step actions they can implement immediately to change they way they think and lead growth. Scott Engler has spent 15 years studying growth, leadership and culture as principal of both the CFO and CHRO practices and has been rated by executives as the top performing speaker in both practices in terms of insight, speaking and actionability.  

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