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The Culture-Strategy Code

Sustaining Strategic Growth Through Leadership & Culture

Customized Integrated Keynote to Virtual Presentation and Full-Day Event

Presentation Overview:


Strategy and Culture are the Yin and the Yang of sustainable, scalable growth.  80% of value creating (or destroying decisions) are made outside of process and frameworks*, they're made according perceived strategic intent and implied or explicit culture.  Companies who fail to solve the Culture-Strategy Code experience "value leakage" and an inability to scale and sustain growth.   

In this powerful presentation The Culture-Strategy Code, Scott Engler shares how to decipher the Culture-Strategy Code through over a decade of research, thousands of discussions, hundreds of interviews, insights, stories and actionable solutions about growth strategy, leadership and culture. Scott integrates your own companies culture audit into a roadmap for leaders to change their thinking about strategy and culture. 

Keynote Presentation Outcomes:

  • Learn how culture and strategy work to symbiotically create a multiplier effect of strategic intent and enable growth at scale.

  • Decipher your company's Culture-Strategy code through your own responses and create an engaged and aligned leadership mindset around culture.

  • Learn how organizations use culture to impact day-to-day decision-making.

  • Learn the 3 most important aspects of culture change and how to embed culture as an operating system. 

Your leaders will leave with numerous step-by-step actions they can implement immediately to change they way they lead and communicate culture and strategy to their teams.  Scott Engler has spent 15 years studying growth, leadership and culture as principal of both the CFO and CHRO practices and has been rated by executives as the top performing speaker in both practices in terms of insight, speaking and actionability.  


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