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Strategy Espressos

5-7 Minute Bursts of Insight

This StrategyEspresso is about "The Sabotage Zone", how good companies lose their way. As companies mature, they become "unsynced" by the very forces they use to scale and grow. This Espresso is part of a book I'm working on called SYNC: Rewriting Business DNA for an Asynchronous World. You can learn more about how to Sync at

Managing for Innovation: This week’s StrategyFX StrategyEspresso is about managing your business for innovation by creating zones of context from the book Zone to Win by Geoffrey Moore.

This StrategyEspresso focuses on how to develop a Winning Competitive Strategy from Playing to Win by Roger Martin and AG Lafley. Roger argues that most companies don’t have a strategy and therefore don’t make the hard choices necessary to win. StrategyFX uses the PTW framework when appropriate in senior leadership offsites to drive to strategic coherence.

This week’s StrategyEspresso examines how A Founder’s Mentality drives continuous growth from the book, The Founder’s Mentality, by Chris Zook & James Allen from #Bain.

This first #strategyespresso tackles the question: What is good strategy (and further how should you define strategy)? Richard Rumelt argues that a good strategy starts with a diagnosis, followed by guiding policy and a set of coherent actions. “Good strategy is not just “what” you are trying to do. It is also “why” and “how” you are doing it. A good guiding policy tackles the obstacles identified in the diagnosis by creating or drawing upon sources of advantage.”

This week’s MindEspresso is about how to have difficult conversations from the book Crucial Conversations. They advise using the STATE method. Share - Tell - Ask - Talk - Experiment.

This MindEspresso is about how to create a #positivemindset and #positive buoyancy. Here I share wisdom from Scott Mautz who breaks down a process for remaining positive even when the world doesn’t seem to be going your way.

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