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LeaderEffects(FX) Mission: To align, design and energize organizations to reach human and business potential


to bring about often by surmounting obstacles : ACCOMPLISH 

it goes beyond mere influence; it refers to actual achievement of a final result.

​We thrive at the nexus of strategy, talent and execution. In almost two decades of research we have learned that that if any of these are underperforming, companies lose value and people. LeaderEffects(FX) was formed to blend thousands of points of executive insight and research into a coherent approach to excellence.

About Scott:  Scott specializes in C-Level executive advisement, strategic planning and speaking/facilitating.  He is one of the most experienced strategy and leadership development facilitators in the world.  Uniquely, Scott led both the CHRO advisory practice and the CFO practice specializing in mid-sized companies.   His insights are based on ongoing research and real world experiences from his work with thousands of executives. In his 14 + years at Gartner and previously CEB, Scott has led advisory and research for the two fastest-growing practices within Gartner, earning the highest firm awards in research excellence, facilitating and speaking.


Scott and his teams developed the Gartner Business Model  framework, highly rated strategy workshops, scaled senior leader training and front-line manager training. He is also host of The Talent Angle with Scott Engler, where Scott has interviewed the  most renown leaders of strategy, leadership and talent.​

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